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Free Object

Enhance your creativity by trying out the free object!

Free objects are the most basic type of our objects.

All users can freely claim these objects without any restrictions. There is no limit on the number of free objects that can be minted, so users can create as many as they like.
This allows users to enjoy our free objects freely.
Using a free object, you can create a road on your land or divide your land into fields, as shown in the image below.
Divide by road free Object

Free Object Contract

Contract Address: '0x017BD973FE4D3E0F81bAB69BcccCb44679D86eab', https://polygonscan.com/address/0x017BD973FE4D3E0F81bAB69BcccCb44679D86eab
FreeObject and other objects are created using createObject.
* @title createObject
* @notice create object for the first time
* @param tokenId : object nft tokenId
* @param tokenUri : object nft tokenUri
* @param size : object's size (x,y,z)
* @param creator : creator address, 0 also allowed.
* @dev check that token is not created and set object settings
* @notify free object not set maxClaimed
function createObject(
uint256 tokenId,
string memory tokenUri,
Size calldata size,
address payable creator
) external onlyOwner {
if (exists(tokenId)) revert ExistentToken();
setTokenURI(tokenId, tokenUri);
setSize(tokenId, size);
setCreatorAddress(tokenId, creator);
changeTokenPrice(tokenId, 0);
setOpenForSale(tokenId, true);
created[tokenId] = true;
emit CreateFreeObject(tokenId, tokenUri, size, creator, 0);

Phi Community Contest

Philand Pixel Contest using Philand as a canvas! The 70+ participants helping us shape and imagine the world Phi.
Using FreeObject and Make beautiful canvas
You can express a lot of creativity with just free objects.


At Phishop, you can easily find the free objects you like. If you are interested in an object, you can obtain it at no cost other than gas fees, so please feel free to try it out.
Free Object Shop

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