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Our amazing journey to date

January ~ March 2022

We won two ETH Global Hackathons (NFTHACK2022 & BuildQuest) with prizes from ENS, IPFS, and Covalent.

March ~ May 2022

We launched the 1st demo on StarkNet Goerli Testnet in March and have had a total of 6324 lands created and over 30,000 objects claimed. Our 1st demo was closed on May 31.
our first demo

June 2022

eBoy joined the Phi team. eBoy’s accomplishments to date are unquestionable: they were early creators on the internet and have collaborated with top brands, including Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Balenciaga, and others. More recently, they co-founded Nouns and designed the iconic pixel art, which has become the symbolic CC0 IP representing Web3. At this point, we renewed our design (new logo, new landing page, brand color, and Isometric view).

29 August 2022 ~ Now

We launched our 2nd demo on Polygon Mumbai mumbai.philand.xyz) on 29 August 2022. This is so much improved from the first one. Come try it out with the user guide: How to play Phi on Polygon Mumbai Testnet​
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