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Phi Craft

This page explains a feature called Phi Craft.
Phi Craft enables users to build advanced objects by using Phi Material. Phi Material can be obtained by completing Daily Quests. Various objects, including bricks, brick stairs, buildings, and clouds, can be built using one or more Phi Materials.


Recipe: A set of ingredients required to craft an object. This includes information about the list of items needed, the quantity of each item, the output product, and the availability of the recipe.
Craft Item: This is the output of using a recipe. The output would be an NFT object which has a name and a corresponding image.
Craft Requirement: This contains the list of items and quantity of Material or any other NFTs recognized by Phi Craft needed to craft. Some recipes may contain additional conditions that must be met in order to craft.
Craft Status: This contains information about the availability of a recipe. There are 2 main attributes: Max Supply and Crafted Supply.
  • Max Supply is the maximum amount a product can be crafted; this is synonymous with the maximum amount of times a recipe could be used. By default, the Max Supply is set to 999,999,999. When the limit is reached, "All Crafted" will appear on the craft button.
  • Crafted Supply is the amount of product crafted from the recipe; this is synonymous as the number of times the recipe is used. If the value of Crafted Supply is less than Max Supply, "Craft" will appear on the craft button when you have fulfilled the Craft Requirements.
  • "Insufficient" will appear on the Craft button if you do not fulfill the Craft Requirements.


  • Brick: To generate 1 Brick, you need 1 Stone and 1 Water.
  • Brick with Trees: To generate Brick with Trees, you need 2 Bricks.