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Phi Opportunity (beta)

What is Phi Opportunity?

Phi can segment various attributes using a user's scores and quest completion status. Phi Opportunity is a service that utilizes this segmentation, offering exposure and promotional opportunities to many crypto projects.
For example, if your project is an innovative DeFi service, you can provide early product testing opportunities to Phi users who are knowledgeable about DeFi, enabling you to gain high-quality feedback.
Alternatively, if your project is about NFTs and you want to drop NFTs exclusively to core crypto users, you can use Phi API and Phi Opportunity to provide exclusive NFT drop opportunities.
Your project can conduct marketing in various segments using Phi Opportunity.

How to publish your opportunity

If you're interested in featuring your project on Phi Opportunity, details can be found on the following page.
Note: Phi Opportunity is currently in beta, and updates may be made without notice in the future. It may also behave differently than expected.