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Wallpaper Object

A new wallpaper can give your land a completely different vibe.

Wallpaper can easily change the look of your land

Changing the wallpaper can make your land look completely different. Try looking for a wallpaper that goes well with your objects.

Wallpaper Contract

Address: '0xfFeD52AFd3287F791496f8e8490F11d3dB6D54f0', https://polygonscan.com/address/0xfFeD52AFd3287F791496f8e8490F11d3dB6D54f0
// initialize contract while deployment with contract's collection name and token
constructor(address payable _treasuryAddress, address _phiMapAddress) ERC1155("") {
require(_treasuryAddress != address(0), "cant set address 0");
require(_phiMapAddress != address(0), "cant set address 0");
name = "Phi Wallpaper";
symbol = "Phi-WAL";
baseMetadataURI = "https://www.arweave.net/";
treasuryAddress = _treasuryAddress;
phiMapAddress = _phiMapAddress;
royalityFee = 0;
secondaryRoyalty = 500;
Wallpapers, like other objects, can be created using the ERC1155 standard. The royalty fee for these objects can be set for initial and secondary (EIP2981) purposes.
You can also use it in combination with the baseplate.

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