I can't create a land

Can't you create a land? Here are some solutions which might help you.

First of all, please read the user guide.

Case 1: Your browser doesn't support WebGL

Please enable WebGL on your browser. Use the link below as a reference.

After that, please reboot your browser.

Case 2: Failed to load assets

Case 3: your Polygon network RPC is old

Please reset your Polygon network RPC. You can use ChainList

Case4: Interfered with by VPN

We have already observed a case where the VPN is preventing users from creating Phi Land. Therefore, if you use VPN and can't create a land, please turn it off once and try again. We are still trying to figure out a more detailed cause of the problem.

Still, you canโ€™t create land? Please submit a bug report here

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