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Premium Object

Pixel art has the ability to bring joy and fulfillment to you.

Premium objects represent the cryptocurrency world in an attractive way.

The cryptocurrency world has a number of memes and trends that are worth knowing about. These trends have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and their use is expected to continue growing in the future.
Idea of Object creation

Moon Rocket


Premium Object Contract

Contract Address:: '0x312E2F8AD479BEDd32c7A752bCB68FA24550CAF7', https://polygonscan.com/address/0x312E2F8AD479BEDd32c7A752bCB68FA24550CAF7 The purchase of premium objects requires $MATIC and that a check using the 'msg.value' variable is performed for this purpose. It also mentions that processing for the payment of royalties is carried out at the same time.
* @title _buyObject
* @notice mint Object to token buyer
* @param tokenId : object nft token_id
* @dev pay royality to phi wallet and creator
function _buyObject(uint256 tokenId) internal nonReentrant {
// check the token id exists
// check token is open for sale
require(allObjects[tokenId].forSale, "not open for sale");
// check token's MaxClaimed
require(super.totalSupply(tokenId) <= allObjects[tokenId].maxClaimed, "reach maxClaimed");
// Pay royality to artist, and remaining to sales address
(bool calcSuccess1, uint256 res) = SafeMath.tryMul(allObjects[tokenId].price, royalityFee);
require(calcSuccess1, "calc error");
(bool calcSuccess2, uint256 royality) = SafeMath.tryDiv(res, 10000);
require(calcSuccess2, "calc error");
(bool success1, ) = payable(allObjects[tokenId].creator).call{ value: royality }("");
require(success1, "cant pay royality");
(bool success2, ) = payable(treasuryAddress).call{ value: (allObjects[tokenId].price - royality) }("");
require(success2, "cant transfer sales");
// mint the token
super._mint(msg.sender, tokenId, 1, "0x");
emit LogBuyObject(msg.sender, tokenId, allObjects[tokenId].price);
This code is a function for buying an object by specifying a tokenId.
First, it checks if the tokenId specified as an argument is valid. Next, it checks if the token is open for sale. It also checks if the token's MaxClaimed has not been exceeded. Then it calculates the price of the token, takes a fee, and pays a portion to the creator of the object. The remaining amount is paid to the sales destination that was previously set. Finally, it mints the token to msg.sender.

Price of Premium Object

To purchase a premium object, you will need $MATIC. The price would be influenced by multiple factors such as the size of the object, the time it took to create, and any special utility it may have. The price of the object is designed to follow a long tail distribution.
Long tail Theory "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More".

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