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Phi Connect

Connect multiple lands into a single worldview.
Phi Connect is a URL scheme to programmatically connect multiple lands into a single worldview.
Phi Connect allows you to connect lands and create your favorite worldview on Phi Land. You can construct a URL in the following way.
https://land.philand.xyz/[ENS NAME(XXX.eth)]?ens=[XXX.eth]&ens=[XXX.eth]&ens=[XXX.eth]&ens=[XXX.eth]...
A sample URL scheme is below.


  • Use a Query Parameter(ens).
    https://land.philand.xyz/[ENS NAME]?ens=[ENS NAME]&ens=[ENS NAME]
  • Up to 64 lands can be connected.
  • Any land can be connected.
  • If you include an invalid ENS name or an ENS name without a Phi Land in a URL, an empty space will be generated there.
  • If you include the same ENS Name in a URL, it's not counted. (an empty space will not be generated there. It's just not counted)
  • Lands will be displayed clockwise in the order of the ENS contained in the URL like the image below.
And, you can use this tool to connect your URLs easily:
This is made by one of our community members, vetal.eth.
Phi Connect is a minimal product still in the testing phase. Please report any bugs or suggestions on Discord or through our Bug Report form.